6 Essential Marketing Materials Every Small Business Must Have

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December 8, 2018
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If you are either operating a small business or planning to start one, you must learn about the importance of marketing materials. In a nutshell, marketing materials are a medium that determines the success of your business and builds your credibility as a brand.

Promotional products are a tangible extension of your company that contributes to brand recognition and perception. It’s a subtle approach to keep your personalised items in the hands of your customer, and your brand in their minds. With company information being easily accessible, these materials can be more important than you think.

A common mistake among marketers today is that they frequently overlook the significance of printed products. However, when designed and distributed wisely, printed marketing materials can become a game changer for your business.  Read on to find out what products every business must have to generate more leads and boost sales.


  1. Brochures and Flyers

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The most cost-effective product businesses can use to reach large audiences, flyers are still a must-have marketing material. They are extremely versatile to use and easy to distribute. One of the simplest tangible medium that gets undivided attention from customers. With the ability to insert a fair amount of information that is easy to read, Flyers are one of the most valuable approach that won’t become obsolete in the near future.

Some marketers capitalise on this by providing QR codes, Social Media handles or Promotional codes in order to drive people to their websites and social media accounts.


  1. Corporate Folders

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Handing over a chunk of unorganized documents to your client is never a good idea. It makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. The role of personalised corporate folders is not limited to making you efficient and organised, but to make you stand out. With your room addition logo on the folder, https://www.nekitchenandflooring.com/, you will make a lasting memorable impression on clients in RI. Keep your flyers and other important documents organised and protected – in style.


  1. Envelopes and Letterheads

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When receiving a personalised envelope with a document that has a letterhead on it, the first thing that people will look at is your company information. It’s one of the most fundamental practice for any business to look professional. Did you know that having colorful envelopes with your logo and strong CTA  on them enhances the likelihood of it being opened?

Marketers leverage this technique to send catalogs, flyers, and other promotional materials but you can use it every time your company mails a letter.


  1. Booklets & Catalogs

Booklets & Catalogs are one of the oldest yet immensely valuable in showcasing your products and services. It is a marketing tool that can hold tremendous amount of information, keeping your customers engaged for a longer time. You can step up your cleaning home with the help of a maid in Colorado, check out all star cleaning site.


  1. Banners, Rolls-Ups & X-Stands

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Banners are the oldest large format marketing material. For years they have been used to increase brand visibility helping businesses to be noticed from far away. The idea behind large format printing is to get noticed by a passerby. With high-quality printing and stunning design, your message is going to turn more heads than ever.

Rolls-Ups & X-Stands could be used during business fairs, trade shows, or at stores to display promotions and hot deals.

  1. Stickers


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Stickers are one of the most unconventional marketing material that has become extremely popular among businesses. Kitchen cabinet remodel is an easy job for nazareth-based kitchen magic professionals from Pennsylvania. They are cost-effective, durable and extremely eye-catching. Add this little touch when packing orders or sending direct mail. Stickers come in various shapes and sizes and offer diverse functionality.

There are many other clever ways to promote your brand but printed products have proven to be one of the most affordable yet effective marketing tools. You can use our services to design stunning promotional materials and print them with Gogoprint, a printing service based in Bangkok.