E-commerce in Thailand

The web industry in Thailand
August 16, 2014
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Thailand is an amazing country full off beautiful things to see and do.
While traveling around Thailand you can clearly see Thailand is a growing economy and there are a lot of business possibilities here. A lot of these possibilities are in the E-commerce industry. Thailand currently has an internet user penetration around 36%. In the coming years the internet penetration is forecasted to double.

This means more traffic, more business and more opportunities for E-commerce websites in Thailand. The Thai E-commerce business is expected to grow for another 30% this year to THB 129.64 billion ($3.86 billion). The year 2013 was a booming year for the Thai E-commerce business with more people than ever shopping online.

The Thailand E-commerce boom was boosted by new kinds of E-commerce that have a simple solution from more established channels like consumer-to-consumer selling via forums such as Facebook, Instagram, mobile phones, and niche or specialist channels. The 52 million E-commerce users are spending more time and money online partly because of the introduction of 3G internet services for mobile devices, which were delayed for several years. Those delays have constrained the growth of online activity and sales. Statistics say that Thailand currently has 24 million Facebook users, a high percentage for a developing country with a population of just under 70 million. Locals are changing their online behavior from simply sharing photos on Facebook to taking advantage of its commercial possibilities, which is referred to as ‘f-commerce’.

The predictions for the future are even better. The year 2014 is already proving to be a good year for E-commerce in Thailand but there are still a lot of challenges ahead like infrastructure in delivery, payment, responsive website design and overall technical knowledge. We from Logo BKK can help you in the challenging world of Thai E-commerce and we are confident that there is a total new world of online business opportunities ahead of us.