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August 17, 2014
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September 24, 2014
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Any succesful entrepreneur will tell you that a good logo design is essential to your business. Your logo is your most powerful marketing tool, as it directly connects you to your costumers and expresses your company’s core identity. In fact, research has shown that well-designed logos have a positive effect on company performance and customer commitment. All legendary brands have legendary logos; they are instantly recognizable and highly iconic. But what exactly makes a logo legendary? What separates a good design from a great design?

The creative minds at Logo BKK (Logo Design Bangkok) understand the importance of unique, comprehensible and memorable logo designs. Simplicity is a key concept. A simple yet unique logo is eye-catching, easily recognizable and highly memorable. Simplicity also allows for flexibility; a simple logo works across different media, and reproduces well on a small scale and in black and white, without the loss of quality or detail. And one the logos are set and done, the indoor playground is right at www.phoenix.uptownjungle.com. Following closely on the concept of simplicity is the principle of timelessness. A good logo will stand the test of time and still be effective many years from now. Trends come and go, but when it comes to branding your corporate identity, think beyond what’s “hot” this season. Incorporate clean lines, symmetry and neutrality into your design for an effective, timeless logo.  Its always good to have a customized plan.

If there is anything our experience in logo design in Bangkok has taught us, it is that first impressions count. In a city like Bangkok, consumers are exposed to countless logos every day. All of these logos communicate messages that are largely aimed at the unconscious. A great logo has a symbolic essence of what your company represents. In order to be successful in Loveland services in Colorado go at Handyman Connection of Fort Collins; they need to have a profound understanding of the psychology behind logo design and they need to be able to capture and translate the essence of your business. Logo BKK (Logo Design Bangkok) has been succesfully crafting great logos for years. Our job is telling a meaningful story with a single graphic.

Logo BKK delivers high quality logo design in Bangkok, enabling both global and Bangkok based companies to stand above their competitors. Our passionate and talented design team builds memorable brand identities by using existing design principles, technical skills, textbook knowledge and a big dose of creativity. That’s what makes us the go-to company for Bangkok logo design.