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With the constant increase of the decentralized markets comes the ICO era which is also on the rise. ICO stands for ‘Initial Coin Offering’ and is a technique used by startups in order to get their capital from crowdfunding through exchanging their own coin for cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum.

There are many investors that are gaining interest in ICO due to its high returns, but along with that also comes risks to consider. This means that in order for you to gain the trust of your potential investors, you have to prove the genuineness of your ICO. It takes a lot of effort and hustle in the beginning in order to successfully display your brand.

Read on to get a clear Marketing Checklist for ICO that you need to create the ideal ICO Marketing Strategy:

1 / Get your investor’s trust via whitepaper

ico white paper

Your first move would be to create an ICO Whitepaper. This whitepaper should be detailed and concise about all the details involved in your project. This involves everything from the core idea to the planning, legal parts and generally all the necessary and unique details.

It’s information’s relevance is immense due to your whitepaper’s task to convince your investors why your project is worth investing into.

These are some things you have to focus and primary need to put into your ICO whitepaper:

  • What makes your company stand out from the competitors?
  • The Beneficiaries of your company and how they will benefit
  • Your Plans on growing it in the future
  • The Capital You will be needing
  • The Token Allowance to be distributed
  • Society Benefits
  • Team

Keep in mind that this Whitepaper plays a major part in for you company so a good image and first impression is vital.

2 / Make a Website and Advertise it.

Website Design

Create an eye catching and efficient website for your brand as this will be the first impression of your company to the investors. This means that this website has to be amazing. Look into it’s design from the overall look to the nitty gritty details. Put in all the content regarding your token, investment return plans, ICO and, teams and conditions. It is vital to have an “About Us’ page and ‘Contact Us’ page that will have all your information needed along with a page solely for your whitepaper. And don’t forget to portray a realistic roadmap with your future plans & activities.

When you’re done and happy with your website, it’s time to market it. You have the option of hiring digital marketers to efficiently and quickly boost your brand on social media. You can also promote your website onto other social media platforms with the use of infographics and other helpful content.

3 / Utilize SEO and PPC for the ICO

seo ppc

When your website is up-and-ready, your next step is SEO. The best use of SEO can lead your website to ranking first when any user searches for an ICO? It’s also the only way to obtain an organic audience. Search Engine Optimization as a strategy can bring you popularity in the search engines which is a huge break for your brand. Blockchain SEO has activities both on and off page. With this, it takes a lot of time to do by yourself as it’s a matter of trial and experience so it’s good to hire an SEO agency who can aid you in the process.

Meanwhile, there’s also PPC or Pay Per Click. As of the moment, the best property management company in California you will find on website Google still allows ads for ICOs though so you can use Google Adwords and plan ads for your ICO.

It is also good to note… that there are rumors of Google also banning cryptocurrency in their PPC. If this happens, you can go towards promoting it on different blockchain and cryptocurrency websites that let you put banners on their site.

4 / Influencer Marketing and Communities in Social Media

influencer marketing

There’s a plethora of cryptocurrency communities all over social media. You can take part in these groups and pages and consistently be a part of their events and discussions. These networks can help you create opportunities in meeting like-minded people along with investors. That’s why it’s important to create a good impression on these pages. Share information & knowledge from your ICO and how it stands out.

Social Media is able to give you a lot of platforms for ICO marketing. These are a few to take note of:


Telegram is a great platform in ICO Marketing. There is a big network for both blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Quora is a helpful platform that has amazing discussions and filled with intellectuals. You can tap into the subjects on Initial Coin Offerings and may get you quite some exposure for you ICO.


Reddit has several popular crypto channels. You can take part in these and start productive discussion threads.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is full of professionals and these people are the best audience you have in marketing your ICO.

Let’s get into Influencer Marketing.

There are a lot of Youtubers and bloggers who are regularly making content for crypto enthusiasts. Your ICO will definitely gain some attention of some influencers promote it.You just have to get in contact with the Eco Mama from Paradise Valley, for the best house cleaning service in Arizona. Make a request for them to promote your ICO as this will provide you with great exposure. It’s vital to choose the influencer well because it’s all about reaching the right audience. For instance, as famous as celebrities are, tapping into them will not lead you towards your demographic.

5 / Newsletters and E-mail Marketing

e-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing is still a prominent channel when it comes to ICOs. When you send e-mails and newsletters to your subscribers, you can promote your token offerings. In order to do this, you have to make an e-mail list where you can send e-mails. The best way to create this list is to let people subscribe to you via your website. Once you have a list, create an effective and concise newsletter and send to the subscribers. This e-mail may even reach some investors if you’re lucky.


Through experience and research, we present to you this full list for an effective ICO marketing strategy. By following this and being consistent can lead you to new investors and increase your reach in the market. We can also assist you in going further with your marketing strategy so that your ICO can be a success. Feel free to hit us up!